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We are extremely proud of our eye treatments which, like all our treatments, we take great care in. We use the very best products the market has to offer to ensure the best results for you. We stock products from Tattie Lash, Dollce Doll, Flirties and Lash Bomb to use across our eye services.


Lash Lift - this is a semi permanent lash treatment. It works on your natural lashes, lifting them at the base of lash to create a full and open look. There is no maintenance or removal involved, your lashes will slowly return to normal along side your natural lash growth cycle. Please click on
our Instagram icon to see examples of our work. 

Lash Extensions - semi permanent classic individual lashes which involves placing one lash extension on one natural lash to achieve a full and natural look. We are also hold advanced training to be able to offer semi permanent hybrid or russian lashes. This is amazing if your looking for that fuller and fluffier look. Check out our instagram page to see images of our work.

Lash Tint - for anyone looking to darken natural lashes with no lash lift or lash extensions.


Brow wax - if your looking for a full re-shape or a subtle tidy up we can offer this for you. Constantly keeping up with new trends and researching and sampling new products. Only the best for our Glam clients.

Brow tint - this is amazing to help define and shape the brow for any shape or thickness. Here at Glam we take our time over brow treatments as we are passionate about providing the very best experience and results. Patch test required in advance for all eye treatments.
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